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Network Tools

Packet capture

  • HttpCanary: for Android, 参考文档
  • Packet Capture: 无Root抓包,for Android
  • tcpdump: for Linux
  • wireshark: for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Fiddler: The free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform
  • Burp suite: A leading range of cybersecurity tools

API debugging

  • Postman: The Collaboration Platform for API Development


  • shadowsocks: work with vps
  • proxychains: config socks proxy for Linux and Mac
  • cntlm: 可用于带有账户密码的公司代理认证,for Windows and UNIX-like system
  • proxifier: 可用于全局代理,包括普通的windows应用程序

Ping Test

Specify IP

ref: 常用VPS测试工具、线路测试那工具整理

Current IP

IPv6 Test

Speed Test