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Programming Tools



shell tools

  • zsh with oh-my-zsh
  • vim: a greatly improved version of the good old UNIX editor Vi
  • tmux: a terminal multiplexer
  • git: a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
  • fzf: A command-line fuzzy finder
  • exuberant ctags: generates an index (or tag) file of language objects found in source files
  • cscope: a developer's tool for browsing source code
  • mutt: a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems


  • lftp: Sophisticated file transfer program
  • FileZilla: Free FTP solution, support FTP, FTPS, SFTP for all platforms
  • Open TFTP Server: MultiThreaed TFTP Server Open Source Freeware for Windows/Unix




  • Adblock plus(used to block ads of websites)
  • cVim(adding Vim-like bindings to Chrome)[Recommend]
  • Evernote Web Clipper(saving things you see on the web into you evernote account)
  • Katalon Recorder(Selenium IDE for Chrome)
  • GNOME Shell integration(provides integration with GNOME Shell and the corresponding extensions)
  • IDM Integration Module(Download files with Internet Download Manager)
  • Octotree(Code tree for Github)[Recommend]
  • Postman(send and receive all kinds of http/https packets)
  • Proxy SwitchyOmega(used with shadowsocks)
  • Tampermonkey(The world's most popular userscript manager)[Recommend]
  • ImageAssistant(sniff and download pictures from websites)


  • Remote - WSL(Open any folder in the windows Subsystem for Linux)
  • Vim(Vim emulation for Visual Studio Code)[Recommend]
  • vscode-icons(Icons for Visual Studo Code)
  • C/C++(C/C++ IntelliSense, debugging, and code browsing.)
  • Markdown
  • Markdown All in One
  • Markdown PDF(Convert Markdown to PDF)
  • Markdown Preview Github Styling(Changes VS Code's built-in markdown preview to match github's style)
  • markdownlint(Markdown linting and style checking for Visual Studio Code)
  • Python
  • Python(Linting, Debugging(multi-threaded))[Recommend]
  • VS code Jupyter Notebook Previewer
  • Git
  • Git History(View git log, file history, compare branches or commits)
  • GitLens(superchange the Git capabilities)[Recommend]
  • Dash(Dash and Zeal integration)
  • Code Outline(A code outline tree)[Recommend]
  • REST Client[Recommend]
  • hexdump for VSCode(Dispaly a specified file in hexadecimal)
  • Zhihu on VSCode(Zhihu VSCode Extension)


  • Alternatetab(Substitute alt-tab with a window based switcher)[Recommend]
  • Openweather(display weather infomation)
  • Ubuntu appindicators
  • Ubuntu dock
  • User themes
  • System-monitor[Recommend]