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install deps

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ca-certificates curl openssh-server postfix

install gitlab-ce

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt install gitlab-ce


# edit below items if you need change
# - external_url # for domain name or static ip
# - letsencrypt # for https
sudo vim /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

# reconfigure, it's may need a few minutes, please be patient
sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

if you want to change the default path of git-data, such as change from /var/opt/gitlib/git-data to /home/git/git-data, you can set as below.

# need change to root user
sudo su
mkdir -p /home/git/git-data
chown -R git:git /home/git
cp -rf /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/* /home/git/git-data/
rm -rf /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/*

sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure


open the web browser, and input the ip or domain.

  1. set password for root user, which as admin
  2. change account name from root to another
  3. add SSH key for git clone/push repos